Friday, November 12, 2004

The wild card hit

Well, it was a previously unknown Finnish company, AffectoGenimap, that merged with Mebius of Latvia's Lithuanian parent, Informacines Technologijos. So one of the wild guesses in the previous post was sorta correct.
The Finnish company believes it will sell its GIS solutions in the Baltics. Good luck to them, because as someone in the GIS business in Latvia said (a couple of years ago) -- there will be no widespread adoption of GIS as long as digging is cheap. This was said in reference to the use of geographical information systems (GIS) for planning street maintenance and the like.
The Lithuanians apparently see an opportunity to offer their rather extensive and low-cost Oracle implementation experience in Finland.
That's my short comment, sitting here at Riga Airport on a fast WiFi link.

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Anonymous said...

Even now that "someone in GIS business" no legal digging can do without project based on fresh (<1y) topography.
Maybe "low-cost Oracle implementation" can ease work and some on-line services of big enterprises like State Land Service or Lattelekom, where topography and/or project needs to be accepted, but that will not make process of preparing to dig much easier.