Tuesday, December 21, 2004

India's TCIL may bid for a Latvian licence

India's Telecommunications Consulting of India Ltd (TCIL) may be a contender for Latvia's third UMTS/GSM licence, this blogger learned. The head of the auction commission, deputy state secretary in the Ministry of Transport Guntis Macs, told a parliamentary anti-corruption commission that an Indian company was a serious contender.
Macs misspoke the company as a Delhi Telecommunications & Consulting, but it is in fact TCIL, according to Manoj Dairola, a helpful colleague who covers telecoms for the Economic Times in Delhi.
Macs said representatives of the Indian company would come to Latvia in early January to acquaint themselves with the auction terms and the Latvian market. TCIL has participated in a number of mobile projects in India, neighboring countries and Africa.
I also chased down a rumor that Huawei, the Shenzen, China based builder of mobile infrastructure, was associated with the still mysterious potential bidder International Telecommunications and Technologies (IT&T). Huawei officials denied any association with IT&T.

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