Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Latvian PM to Microsoft: Come hither...

Latvia's Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis will be asking Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates to consider setting up a development operation in Latvia, sources told this blogger.
Kalvitis will meet Gates on February 2 at an inivitation only Microsoft Executive Summit in Prague.
According to Edvins Karnitis, a Latvian IT specialist who often advises the government, the proposal will be for developing a specific set of technologies in which the Latvian IT sector has considerable experience.
Karnitis told this blogger (who was doing his day newspaper job) what the specific field was, but later asked that it be kept confidential until later in the week. I went along, though I hardly think the Lithuanians, Estonians or Czechs read Dienas bizness (www.db.lv) with any regularity. In any case, such information is more likely to leak through an English language platform now that I seem to have hundreds more readers/undocumented searchbots that before. So, later...
Another area where Latvia may try to entice Gates to invest, or rather, put some of his charitable donations, could be in vaccines. The Latvian pharmaceuticals and biologicals industries could make some generic vaccines (don't remember the exact list of pestilences that Gates the philanthropher is fighting) with funding by Gates' charities.

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Anonymous said...

hope you're doing good. I'm a big fan of your blog because it keeps me informed with all new developments in the latvian telecoms field.
I just wanted to ask you, it's been something like a month that you haven't written about the gsm/umts license.
I heard that the term was for march and not for the 25th of february (the companies must write a letter by the 25th of february but they must submit their files by the 21st of march) is this rumor true?
And do you have any news concerning this subject (you have told us about it&t, danish, chinese and idian companies ect...)?

thanks a lot and take care