Thursday, May 05, 2005

Siemens: Fattening the bride?

In some cultures, Rubenesque ladies are more appreciated than those who are thin. I can't say whether this is true in Latvia, but after reading a recent Business Week, I wonder whether rumors of Siemens Business Systems in Latvia wanting to acquire pan-Baltic MicroLink might not have to do with putting some attractive curves on at least one unit of the German-based megacorporation.
Business Week names Siemens Business Systems as one of the IT services companies that could be up for merger or aquisition as the business consolidates globally. The idea behind buying MicroLink would be to get at its SAP competence with the hope of building it into a European-wide, moderate-cost SAP center for Siemens. Getting at least part of that strategy in place might make Siemens Business Systems a slightly more attactive partner in any coming merger with some other giant of the IT services industry.
This is just an interesting thought that occured to me and a reminder to look into that Siemens-MicroLink thing again.


culbaire said...

sorry for butting in with a semi-relevant query/comment.

I will move to Riga over the summer and will establish an office with about 4 staff. With a reasonable budget, will I be able to find good integrated IT and telecoms support? I'm happy to use small firms as long as they have the ability. I'm a bit wary of large scale incumbents (and multinationals like C&W).

All suggestions to



Juris Kaža said...

I would try a shot at Triatel. They can deliver fixed wireless phones with lower international rates, DSL over cdma 450 (a kind of 3G) and 3G mobiles. Drawback -- the phones are incompatible with the GSM networks, though you can call the other mobiles in Latvia (though Triatel coverage is limited).
For mobiles, Tele2 seems a good deal now with a flat LVL 0.09 rate for calls within the network (that's all you pay, just the connection fee) and LVL 0.09 per minute for other operators.
Might be interesting if thye Tele2 domestic calling network gets off the ground.
Baltkom has some triple-play offers if you live/rent and office near their optical cable.