Thursday, April 06, 2006

The half-mother a desirable acquisition?

The Swedish business newspaper Dagens industri published a list of Swedish companies it thinks are likely to be candidates for acquisitions (friendly or otherwise). Among them is TeliaSonera, the half-mother of Lattelekom and 60% plus holder of Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) . Also mentioned is Tele2, the owner of (big surprise) Tele2. Regarding TeliaSonera, the newspaper says it is ripe for acqusition because «has too much money, too little growth and fast-growing companies in which it has an interest. All the ingredients are in place for a change, but also in place are the Swedish state and the Finnish state.»
Readers of this blog will recall that we have, several times, floated the idea that TeliaSonera could end up as part of a greater European or global organization, pretty much for the reasons mentioned by Dagens industri.
I will blog something later on the IZZI acquisition of FAO, a Riga cable TV company, and on the post-paid virtual mobile operator Master Telecom, launching services next week.

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