Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soft launch for Baltkom's mobile service

Baltkom, the cable TV and telephony company that launched, developed and sold the Latvian mobile operator now known as Tele2, will re-enter the mobile market with a soft launch of its virtual services on the Bite network during the fall.
Tariffs on the new service will closely match those offered by Bite and will include mobile internet (HSDPA), which the Bite network offers in Riga and several other Latvian cities.
The new service, which will be part of a Quattro package (cable TV, cable internet, fixed and mobile telephone) or sold seperately, will start without any fanfare, probably as an offer to existing Baltkom customers (there are more the 170 000 cable TV subscribers). Once the services are accepted and proven to work for existing customers, a wider marketing campaign and announcement will be made.
This, according to my source.

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Hi Juris, I'm John Garratt from IT Europa, the IT supply newsletter. I'm looking for a short comment on what the privatisation in Latvia means for the IT industry, and comms industry. Can you deliver by Sept 7, and what would you charge for around 500 words?