Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mike Rhodin's keynote at Lotusphere 2008

Here is part of a keynote speech by Mike Rhodin, general manager of Lotus Software/IBM. It was very difficult getting this to you. The Disney Swan & Dolphin Resort  internet connection (both Ethernet and WiFi, including the free Lotusphere WiFi)  is simply abysmal or, to put a better spin on it, a trip back to DialUp Land. This has also seriously hindered me in doing videoblogs for my day job at LETA
Some of the good news for the Baltics is that Lotus/IBM will be focussing more on small and medium businesses with its announcement of Lotus Foundations (much of the Lotus collaboration suite prepackaged on a server) and of the Bluehouse software as a service project, which will have an increasing spectrum of Lotus functionalities and will be resold through various channels. This is not in the video, however. 

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