Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lattelecom (?!) to sell iPhone for LVL695???

A strange Latvian language ad has appeared through Google Adsense on this blog that seems to indicate that Lattelecom will be selling the iPhone 3G (presumably unlocked) for LVL 695.
The ad (in Latvian) says

Esi stilīgs iegādājies jauno ābolu! Cenas sākot no 695Ls

Or the essence, in translation:
Be stylish, get a new Apple. Prices starting at LVL 695.

So what does this mean? A leak through the Google Adsense software? A misunderstanding? The only thing whose price "starts at" around LVL 695 is the 20 inch iMac, prices for Macs in general start at LVL 369 for a Mac Mini.
The mystery may resolve itself over the next few weeks. Unlikely (or not) that Lattelecom is jumping the gun on its seemingly estranged sister (under the common half-mother) LMT, which as this blog concluded, is not launching a bundled/locked iPhone 3G on August 22.


Anonymous said...

LTC is apple distributor, so I am 90% sure they mean regular laptops. said...

Google loves to use themed keywords especially in adense network so in this case most probably google picked up theme about apple products and found Lattelecom bid on some apple laptop but since that ad has dynamic keyword header it showed iPhone as title of ad. Lattelecom shouldn't use dynamic titles in content network

Anonymous said...

esi stilīgs. nopērc smadzenes nevis, iphone :)

Anonymous said...

Varbūt variet pārliecināt kāpēc man nebūtu jāpērk IPhone?