Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An talk with Elza Dunkels, Swedish researcher on youth and the internet

This is a talk I recorded using Skype Video with Elza Dunkels, a Swedish researcher and lecturer on youth and their use of the internet and social media (from a safety standpoint). Elza Dunkels works at the University of Umeå in northern Sweden.  She is of part Latvian descent, her late father was a distinguished mathematician and teacher, Andrejs Dunkels and her younger brother, Adam Dunkels, was recently featured on this blog, talking about how the arrival of more and more machines on the internet will change things and present opportunities.
Please excuse the somewhat poor and jerky image, it suffers from being video over the internet and from my editing, perhaps.:)

Yes, that is me, the tiny image in the corner of the frame. This is how Skype records a video conversation.

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