Monday, October 10, 2005

Triatel set to launch wireless DSL

Triatel, the cdma450 mobile and fixed wireless operator, is set to launch its wireless DSL-equivalent internet access service in early November.
The wireless link promises speeds up to 2.4 Mbps, which is pretty fast compared to Lattelekom's 512 kbps over copper wires. It remains to be seen what the price-performance ratio will be once Triatel announces its tariffs. I would keep it in the LVL 20 to 25 per month zone to be competitive.
The fast internet offering almost completes Triatel's "telecoms in a box" offer where an SME can get mobile and fixed wireless telephony, plus internet and set it up almost instantly. The final step is a promised virtual PBX to link calls among different phones in the average company.
Triatel will also be a step ahead of the companies looking to launch some kind of WiMax service in Riga next year, noteably Unistars and rival Telecentrs, which is suing to have some of Unistars frequencies redistributed. The competitor battles in Latvian telecoms continue to be fought in the courthouse, as mentioned earlier.


mik said...

WOW! I didn't hope that we'll get this anytime soon (well, I WAS hoping!). This is awesome. Now I will be able to hook my mother’s rural house to some real connection. WOW! Such thing makes me feel that we ARE actually getting somewhere in terms of being a civilized country. I was going to dump LMT for Triatel anyway, because of their (how Juris says) 'f**k you profits'. I don't care for lack of 100% coverage, a bit more expensive rates and a need to buy a new phone (that's now much I hate both/all three of telco monopolists). We really need to give a chance Triatel and other 'new kids in town' - they try pretty hard. I might even consider giving up my suburban LTK homeDSL just so that I could get rid of phone line I don't even use anyway.

The only reason why I would still be hesitating is the phone number transfer - I sure hope they get that issue figured out soon enough. And when that happens - this world would become a better (more free) place to be in. =)

Well, all that is great! IF! If I got Triatel coverage in the location I need and this newsflash doesn't turn out to be BS. (Well, Bite was also saying that we'll get flat-rate GPRS. Shame on them!)

Good luck Triatel. Don't let us down!

Juris Kaža said...

I'm glad to publish some happy news. BTW, I think you will see Bite doing flat rate GPRS/EDE. They are just building out the network for better quality and coverage before launching this business-oriented service. If the pricing is like Lithuania (around LVL 20 per month) then it might be competitive (EDGE was not bad, tried it during the summer in my Riga rajon/Carnikava summer house), but of course, 2.4 Mbps would be the best. Couldn't talk Triatel into letting me test it at my cottage :(.

bypasser said...

could you pls explain in more detail what exactly is meant with "DSL-equivalent" wireless? i understand it's not wimax, nor wifi, right? so what else?
in case it's something cdma specific - i'm not quite falmiliar with technical side of cdma, so i'd just like to know what type of hardware is gonna serve as client terminal. is it gonna be the phone itself or what?

Anonymous said...

to mr. bypasser,

cdma 450 is a transmission technology used for voice and data services. so, when you hear "DSL-equivalent" think of a very fast GPRS connection.

unlike wifi and wimax, cdma 450 is a licenced frequency and it can be broadcast way further (like gsm for instance).

as far as hardware is concerned, think of a mobile phone connected to your pc or a cdma card in your PCMCI slot.