Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lattelekom + Triatel = true!

Or thats what it says on the ladies' bathroom wall, where ( I am guessing, being male) messages of affectionate relationships are scribbled.
The "love story" is one that was hinted at a long time ago on this blog. Namely, Lattelekom and cdma 450 operator Triatel have been running a pilot project to "digitalize" certain rural areas using Triatel's fixed wireless technology rather than running fiber or cable to shacks in the woods. Over the past six months, several hundred phone lines have been installed in this way -- officially by Lattelekom, but with the network capacity and perhaps the phones provided by Triatel. Look for this to be officially sealed and announced in the next few months.
This also means that Lattelekom, a faithful Ericsson and Alcatel infrastructure customer, is entrusting part of its traffic to infrastructure delivered to Triatel by China's Huawei. That is another "secret" partnership we revealed on this blog some time ago. For Huawei, it is a significant indirect endorsement.

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