Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Which one is the biggest cretin?

I won't get into Latvia's latest political scandal, which is bizarre and rich in detail for black humor cynics. Suffice it to say that claims that GSM phone calls cannot be eavesdropped are false. The transcripts(disclosed by Latvian TV) of top Latvian politicians apparently talking openly about efforts to bribe a newly elected member of the Jurmala (a posh seaside Riga suburb) city council prove that GSM eavesdropping works.
A quick Google of "mobile encryption" reveals that finding this rocket-science technology isn't rocket science. I mean, if you are going to pull off a blatantly corrupt deal (sending two expendable f**kers to put EUR 20 000 in the pockets of a politican cooperating with the anti-corruption agency), either don't talk about it on your mobile or at least encrypt the calls or use code words. Apparently, the utterly depraved and equally fuckwit dumb Latvian political elite doesn't have the same common sense about such matters that any brain-burned crack dealer has in some American slum.
When it became apparent that the bribe had not worked, one former political honcho and eminence grise suggested electing deputies for their political opponents (who had now won the city council's election of a mayor) based in the criterion : which one is the biggest cretin?
I think we now know.
It should have been political suicide (at least), and in most civilized countries, it should have been jail, but this is Latvia and no heads will roll unless a miracle happens. But hey, this isn't a political blog...

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