Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moneybookers - Skype's clusterfucked partner

I just tried the supposedly simple exercise of buying EUR 10 in SkypeOut credit. For some reason, my Visa Electron card was not verified, and Skype's website advised me to try using instead. I entered all my data, opened an account, entered my card number and, remarkably, was given a verification number by SMS to Latvia. Most excellent so far, except that when I entered the verification number and pressed next, I was repeatedly told there was "an internal server error". If you are running a payment system, well, that sort of thing does not happen, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!
Anyway later the system at MoneyCROOKERS said the transaction had been completed. I don't trust these fuckwits and neither should anyone else, least of all Skype if this kind of shit happens. They also suggest Click & Buy, a site where I was ripped off for almost 200 LVL until my bank set things right. I NEVER used Click&Buy, but this site-- supposedly run by British Telecom --= was used by some ratfucker lowlife to buy various shit (services) with my Visa Gold card, which I used only once while passing through Heathrow in March (the theft started in August). So be warned, Click & Buy is frequented by fraudsters, thieves and pirates and should get its payment security in line.
This is not a good way to end a busy day. TGIF...

Oh yes, my usual use of Firefox to post to this blog also fucked up and I have to use Safari, which does not allow me to use bold, italics, etc.


Reinis Traidās said...

Get a Visa Classic and you shall never have these kind of problems again. And yes, can't use Safari to checkout, have to use Firefox.

Guigo said...

yeah, and fact that Paypal still thinks about Latvia as a distant village (we can't recieve money via paypal, can we?) is a big "plus" too..