Thursday, October 19, 2006

Privatization of Latvia's State Information Network Agency proposed

There is a proposal before the Latvian government to privatizedthe State Information Network Agency (VITA) which operates a data and voice network for certain government and security services in Latvia.
Part of VITA's network consists of secure, but perhaps antiquated sealed cable channels (they are said to be gas-filled, leaks trigger alarms) and some more modern stuff. This are left over from the networks run by the Soviet military and the KGB.
This seems like a wise decision, as there are very few countries in the world that actually own and run their own government communications networks. In the US and Sweden, there are government agencies for the purchase of telecommunications service from the private sector. In the US, it is the General Services Administration and in Sweden, Statskontoret or The Swedish Agency for Public Management which procures telecommunications services. The GSA's Networx services appear to be composed entirely of private telecommunications and IT services procured, but not directly operated or provided by the government.
The best solution would be to sell VITA, get its debt to the government of nearly 900 000 LVL paid off, and reconstitute the functions of the agency as a government telecommunications procurement and standards-setting institution. In other words, VITA 2.0 would define the kind of service level agreement needed by, say, the Border Guards or the health services and then put out a tender to the private sector.

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Anonymous said...

I actually don't know much about VITA and it's technological readiness comparing to other telecommunication industry competitors, but as far as I know - they are enough advanced. Don' t know precise numbers and haven't compared them with other companies, but will come up with them soon. Today had a phoneinterview with VITA marketing people and they promised me to give a little review and answers, what has changed in their technological advancment in recent time. Will publish them on telecomblog.