Thursday, March 01, 2007

VOOM!!! IZZI launches HDTV in Latvia

IZZI, the mult-electronic communication services company, has launched High Definition TV in Latvia, starting with a version of the US-based channel VOOM. Kaspars Spunde, Marketing Director of IZZI, explains in this video:

Some other interesting hints -- look for IZZI to take part in a fiber to the home pilot project as soon as they find a suitable partner. FTTH is the obvious way to deliver the many HDTV channels and eventual HD video on demand services that will arise in Europe and Latvia in the next few years. IZZI will also soon launch ordinary video on demand. They are also thinking of packaging their HDTV and digital cable offering with a discount on a flat screen TV.
The HD service will cost LVL 3 per month in addition to the basic digital TV service (LVL 4) and rental of the HD decoder(LVL 7, or buy the thing for LVL 240, in interest free installments of LVL 40, if you wish)

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