Monday, June 18, 2007

Microsoft honcho speaks on Dynamics

I filled in for a colleague whose kid was graduating from high school and attended a Microsoft Dynamics press/analyst seminar in Copenhagen June 14-15.
My impression was that Microsoft's Dynamics assortment of ERP and related software is heading for some kind of de-facto convergence and will be a single, highly scalable SOA-based solution ready to compete with Oracle and SAP in the enterprise market. Many hints, but no official confirmations were dropped about this. The road map looks like this will happen after 2010.
I spoke to Henrik Brorsen, an MBS and Dynamics honcho for EMEA about this in this somewhat glitchy video (the sound screwed up on the transitions, time to learn iMovie HD.

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rob said...

I came to know your impression in Microsoft's Dynamics assortment of ERP and it will be compete in the enterprise market.

Here is the webinar of Microsoft Dynamics.

California Software Company Gold-certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, leverages its expertise in offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) businesses. Calsoft has conducted a webinar in this niche recently. The Webinar will provide an overview of different modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its benefits to the RMC industry. The presenter will demonstrate with example, a direct application of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the RMC industry. The discussion will highlight the key challenges of RMC industry addressed by the customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.