Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent presents its WiMax solution

I just spent a day (as in get up at 5 AM, fly to Paris, watch a couple of hours of presentations, get back home just before midnight) at an Alcatel-Lucent WiMax event. It was on short notice and felt a bit improvised, but apparently the Alcatel-Lucent people wanted to make that everything was running as it should. The only thing they forgot was the "Don't try this at home" signs for the young man and woman who took turns riding around on a Segway while using a mobile WiMax terminal (a subcompact laptop with a camera).
On the way down, I went through Copenhagen Airport, which is rapidly developing the status of a monster airport, soon to challenge Frankfurt (as I remember it, last transit there was to Australia in 2003). Try kilometer walks between connecting flights. The airport has grown from being comfortable to a monstrosity that it takes, perhaps, 30 minutes to cross on foot in a rush, ignoring all the shops, restaurants, etc. etc.

I only have one thing to say about Paris Charles De Gaulle: the use of bad hallucinogenic drugs by French architects in the 1970s (or whenever the wacko thing was built). Also, the brilliant idea of separating the public toilets from the waiting area with the security checkpoint in Satellite 7 (WTF is a satellite, some mushroom munching froggie's cool idea while the other guy at the architect's office has left his drawing board and is giggling and shaving the office cat?)

OK, here is a video of my chat with Hyam Bolande, the American marketing director for Alcatel-Lucent's marketing director for its wireless business group. It will also be posted on my Latvian-language blog:

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