Monday, November 19, 2007

Fuckwit packaging designers at Phillips

The reason the US troops in Iraq don't have enough armor is simple-- some kind of transparent Kevlar is now being used for packaging most small computer or electronic accessories. To open any of these things requires serious, heavy duty shears and practically cutting the stiff plastic package to ribbons. What fuckwit designed these packages? I understand we want to protect, say, that flash drive that will be obsolete in three months (when 16 GB cost what 4 GB do now) or to encase some other gadget worth under USD 100. But we are not, for fuck's sake, going to submit any of these products to re-entry from orbit or a shotgun blast. 
 I am surprised that consumer electronics stores are not selling some kind of superscissors for cutting open these packages, where it can take 20 minutes just to get at your headphones or USD 20 flash drive.
I just bought a LVL 7.99 set of headphones made by Philips, which, while it hadn't sealed them for eternity behind transparent Kevlar armor, had looped the wires around the inner cardboard packaging forcing me to rip the whole thing to shreds. Dutch ingenuity? Fuck yeah! Try to open the box and get your item out in a rational way!

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Bleveland said...

Settle down. Imagine how mad you would have been in case the headphones were sealed behind Kevlar and you would have taken that super scissor and unaware of how the wires were looped cut them into pieces. Then you probably would have returned to the shop -still mad I guess- and they would refuse you a refund or a new and unpacked pair. I think you got away with it rather easy 
Anyway I agree with you entirely. I have kids in the "made in China plastic toys age" and these toys are often not only sealed behind 3 layers of Kevlar, they are also locked with twisted heavy armed wires on at least 15 different places.
The reason, I was told, is that people (well people…) try to steal anything for sale in a shop. They are, however, smart enough to understand that one should not try to smuggle it out while still in the package. Often there are tags on them that trigger an alarm gate at the exit of the store and the crooks simply do not want to get busted. Therefore they try to get the stuff out of the package before leaving the store (something they want to do quickly and in silence); hence the manufacturers came up with these brilliant fuckwit packaging methods. It is simply not meant to be easy to get your stuff out of the box. Fuck all crooks, liars and scumbags. Hang them all or send them to Fallujah with a sign around there neck telling they are Christians.