Sunday, April 27, 2008

Much time, no honcho

The owners of Lattelecom (the Latvian government 51%, TeliaSonera 49%) failed yet again on April 25 (?) to agree on a candidate for managing director of the company to replace Nils Melngailis, who resigned and left his post on April 1.
The stakeholders want more information on the candidates -- the current finance director and acting managing director Juris Gulbis,  network services director Valdis Vancovics and Gatis Kokins, a former executive of Parex Bank, currently in his own business. 
Whoever gets the job will still face the uncertainty of who will finally control Lattelecom  and what strategy the fixed-line operator will follow. This may be a reason why international executives have not been swarming to apply for this position. If Lattelecom is sold to a third party, say, Blackstone, the new owners may want to see their own man or woman in the CEO position. 

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Bleveland said...

Yet another important issues to consider for the half-mother. Norwegian Telenor has now also shown interest in Telia Sonera. Earlier this months France Télécom did the same. For those of you who do understand Swedish, here is the link.