Monday, April 07, 2008

On the ground in Vegas for Impact 2008


I am on the ground in Las Vegas at IBM's Impact 2008 conference (about SOA and other rocket-sciency stuff). I was in the Boston area seeing family and getting away from the ongoing zoo in Latvia (about Lattelecom, but other stuff as well). Even Vegas seems normal by comparison. One strange thing I saw at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas was this iPod dispenser. Crazy. If it were iPhones, it wouldn't be there anymore.
I finally uploaded  a picture I took of the iPod dispenser (you have to use a credit card to buy one), yesterday, the picture upload function popped up once and didn't  working :(.  Also on the not-working list -- the WiFi network (for my MacBook) in the IBM press room here at the MGM hotel. Found an Ethernet connection.  But already a number of things seriously suck. 

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