Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lattelekom appeals price comparison decision

Lattelekom has appealed to the Administrative Court a decision of the Competition Council condemning advertisments published earlier this year comparing the price of calls on Tele2's mobile network with calls on its own fixed network.
The Competition Council ruled that voice calls on different networks were not a proper basis for price-comparitive advertising. Lattelekom maintains that most telecommunications users have access to both fixed and mobile phones and may be legitimately informed that making fixed-network calls, when available, is cheaper.
Lattelekom has yet to decide on whether it will appeal a similar Competition Council decision with regard to its ads comparing using a mobile phone when a fixed line is available to riding a cow or eating with a shovel. Once again, the complaint was filed by Tele2, which seems to be making litigation one of its core businesses (don't worry, at Lattelekom, it's reorganization :) ).
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