Monday, October 04, 2004

Latvia's Triatel maxes out its number stock

Triatel, the Latvian CDMA-450 mobile operator set to launch commercial services in a few weeks, said it has maxed out the range of numbers it is allowed to used under its licence. The company doubled the number of numbers (that feels silly to write, but true) to 60 000 from 30 000. Triatel's marketing director Uldis Stüre said the decision to max out the the company's assigned numbers was an signal of confidence that it rapidly gain customers for its 3G services.
CDMA-450 is still not a commonly used standard in Europe, but proponents said at the recent Baltic Sea Communications Forum that the technology was gaining acceptance in places like the Czech Republic, Romania and Portugal (?).
In the Czech Republic, Eurotel's CDMA -450 was apparently perceived as a threat to parent company Cesky Telekom's wireline DSL business, leading to an acrimonious management reshuffle at the mobile operator.


Anonymous said...

Next week, I'll see have this CDMA450 will work in Latvia's conditions:) They have also unknown phones for testing, so it's gonna be quite interesting:)

Anonymous said...

I mean - I'll see how... Sorry.