Monday, July 11, 2005

Apple Center under way in Riga

My very good sources tell me that an Apple Center, the functional equivalent of an Apple Store (though franchised, not owned by Apple) will open in Riga sometime this fall. It will be operated by Capital, the computer retailer now selling Apple products, such as the Mini and iPod, at a few retail locations and on the internet.
Capital is not ready to make an official announcement because the Apple Center will be at a location presently housing a Capital computer store that will have to be renovated. The building has some historical value and special permits are needed to do the renovation work. Until all is in place and the work starts, the company is holding back on publicity.
Prices at the Apple Center will be around + or - 5 % of Apple product prices in Germany. This blogger noticed that a hefty 17 " iMac with a 250 Gb harddisk went for a bit over LVL 1000, perhaps slightly less than it would cost at the Apple online store in Sweden (
By no means are Macs cheap, but then again, they are not lunch for the next hour's new attacks on Windows and Wintel systems. My little son's (9 years) Wintel laptop, which he uses recklessly on the internet (even with the Lattelekom Apollo firewall) is a festering zoo of unwanted malware and other critters. When my wife, who really uses it, tries to use it, she finds a mess where Office software doesn't open, etc.
Plus, Wintel is as uncool as you can get...:)


banton said...


mxz said...

Well, you won't be calling it "Wintel" much longer, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

They say Vesma Kontere will be doing the design:)

Valdis said...


The Mac mini is perfect for the LV market... can use all of the existing USB keyboards and monitors.

Yeah, it is nice not to worry about viruses and spyware.

...Mac user since 1984!

Kristaps Kaupe said...

I am using GNU/Linux on my "Wintel" laptop, and have no problems with "unwanted malware or other critters". :)

Piepz said...

K. Kaupe: You gotta try OS X. Once you go MAC, you never go back!