Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy dark secrets at Triatel

China's HuaWei, the maker of telecommunications systems, has officially registered a Latvian subsidiary and confirmed to this blogger that it is building out Triatel's cdma 450 network. More details were not provided, but it would appear that this could be a deal worth tens of millions of dollars.
The strange thing is that Triatel (actually, the deal was probably signed by one of the partners behind the brand, Telekom Baltija) is keeping this fact under wraps. It actually is good news - the company is getting, in all probability, a rather low-cost deal. As far as quality goes, this is a showcase project (though small), and HuaWei will probably do its best in this regard. It must also be remembered that this is a project in Ericsson and Nokia's back yard.
C'mon Mihail Zotov, maybe it is time to make it official that you like Chinese!
Yet another matter, that should perhaps be kept confidential, is that Lattelekom and Triatel are apparently playing some friendly footsie* with regard to cooperation in digitizing the remaining rural network. This means both companies would cooperate on fixed wireless services and wireless internet. They would, at the least, share infrastructure, making it easier for Triatel to afford its HuaWei equipment.
Long term readers of the blog will know that these issues have been discussed earlier here.
*footsie -- a secret expression of affection by rubbing another person's foot with one's own foot under the table.


Anonymous said...

Juris, how do you like longhorn-becoming-Vista thing?

Anonymous said...

I heard from GD in Moscow, that they have many problems with HueWae and they turned back to other vendor. You need to compare quility with price and then dicided, what is critical for your business.

Juris Kaža said...

Re: Vista, well, if you are Latvian, what can I say :). I heard that when Microsoft announced it to all their staff and international representatives, the Latvians (who were in Redmond for this special presentation) started giggling.

RE: HuaWei, well, that's the risk you take and that is the main argument of Ericsson, Nokia, etc, we are expensive but reliable,