Friday, December 09, 2005

Major failure of Lattelekom DSL network??

There seems to have been a major collapse of Lattelekom's DSL network the night from Thursday to Friday. I write via Bluetooth and my GPRS Nokia phone. The help line for DSL was overwhelmed, then had a recording saying in more polite terms that everything was clusterf**ked. It still has not been restored. A disaster. How big and long, we shall know tommorrow. Good to have a back-up via mobile. One more reason to get an EDGE phone.


Khe, khe said...

At around 9 o'clock it hapenned again. I am sitting on semi-old ISDN connection :)

Juris Kaža said...

So where are you? It's OK here at Caka/Lacplesa, central Riga.

Khe, khe said...

Jugla ... now it is ok, but was not ok for about 1-2 hours and during evening hours an average MDSL user will notice that, you know :)
Well it seems, it was a somewhat local scale problem although on 8008114 an "auto" lady answered "do not worry, be happy - we are having problems with DSL".