Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Re: The Vlog

It is taking Google Video all of a day to "verify" my submission. This is pretty amazing, considering the incredible, bizarre shit that you find on this site. All I have is a talking head, for f**k's sake! I wonder who let past (it was actually funny, I will admit) an episode of what could politely be called "ignition of intestinal gasses". There are clips where people blow up small dead reptiles (or whateverthef**k toads are) with firecrackers. I think they even blasted a dead rabbit. There are actual battle scenes from Iraq with people screaming obscenities, gunfire and explosions. There are amateur rock videos with someone else's music. They used to call that plagiarism. From Latvia, I have seen a weird clip about traffic safety from the 1930s and a fascinating "art of the banal" clip of riding a bus across the suspension bridge in Riga.
So what the f**k is taking Google so long?
Sorry, end of the day. one needs to rant.


whoever said...

Was it in english? Maybe they are getting it translated to make sure that you are not terrorist making message to your warriors all over the world :D

Anonymous said...

Moreover, videos are inaccessible for readers with flash-uncap able browsers. Don't you have a place of your own to host a few? // Emm.

Juris Kaža said...

Whoever, it was in English. The Latvian version a couple of weeks back popped up very fast,
anon, I don't believe you need flash to watch