Thursday, December 01, 2005

Muted, but noticable interest for number porting

There was muted but noticable interest in Latvia for number portability, which became available December 1. Strangely, Bite Latvija, which expects to gain the most from the new service, was not quite ready to take porters – it was training its sales staff. However, the Bite boutique in Riga was crowded with people signing on as new customers. Some 1000 had called Bite's customer line about possibly porting. Starting December 5, the first 1 000 number porters will get a Nokia 6230i business class phone for LVL 1.
LMT also said it had around 1000 (more by day's end) inquiries about signing on as a new customer, but it was not clear how many involved porting older numbers. Tele2 also said there was considerable interest and is hold a press event on December 2 to announce preliminary results. Both operators said the increased customer activity reflected the impact of recent marketing efforts -- Tele2 and LMT's new tariff schemes and Tele2's 3G video telephony service.

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