Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bite hints at early 3G launch

Bite Group (the Lithuanian-Latvian organization running mobile operators in both countries) sees itself on the right track as its representatives visit 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Zilvinas Kuchinskas (whose name I may have mispelled) told me that Bite was both inspired and encourged by what they had seen and hear at the global mobile telecoms event.
Kuchinskas also strongly hinted that Bite would make an announcement about 3G services in Latvia "pretty soon". That this will include a flat rate wireless data connection seems certain, but it is not certain that Bite will launch with HSDPA, still seen as an emerging technology in terms of handsets and PC cards. However, once HSDPA devices are available, it should be a hot technology.
The experts here also expect 3G to take off very fast over the next couple of years, especially with drivers like mobile TV, entertainment and games. But at the same time, other technologies such as WiFi and WiMax will be nipping at 3G, especially with Nokia announcing that it will be making multi-functional radio devices capable of using GSM, 3G, WiFi and WiMax networks.
There is also an event here where Niklas Zennstroem will talk about Skype going Mobile. Unfortunately, due to the whole mess with me having my wallet stolen, I spent much of the afternoon phoning banks, cancelling cards and talking to the Spanish police. I must say that I got off pretty well compared to the several "brothers in misfortune" (bēdu brāļi) as Latvians would say. The other complaints being heard at the police office involved whole bags with laptops, mobile phones, air tickets, passports, passports with US visas, lots of money (I lost around LVL 40 maximum), in otherwords, I only stepping in shit, these folks got hit by shitstorms. It has been a merry time for thieves and pickpockets here, adding to the already bad legends one hears about Southern Europe and the so-called Latin countries.

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