Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some quick definitions of the weird

As I may have gained a few readers while at 3GSM, I want to explain some of the strange terminology used from time to time in this blog, namely:

A half-mother - derived from the use of the maternal parent to designate the parent company in some European languages Muttergesellschaft in German, Moderbolag in Swedish. Any company owning around 50 % (or 49 % as TeliaSonera owns in Lattelekom) is, thereby, a half-mother.

Honchos – derived from, I believe, the Spanish, meaning powerful, leading person and decision maker. Kenneth Karlberg, who has some long title describing the entire geography of the regions he is responsible for at TeliaSonera is easier called simply a honcho.

The widow's son – derived from the Latvian atraitnes dēls and used to describe an earnest young man making a best effort, at least as I understood it to be meant. Used by a member of my family to describe the Minister of Economics Krišjānis Kariņš, who is one of the three ministers trying to figure out whether to sell Lattelekom to TeliaSonera or not. As far as I know, the Minister isn't a widow's son in real life.

Other bizarre terminology will be explained as it comes along.

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