Thursday, February 09, 2006

Heading for Barcelona

Judging by the blog, just about Jack Shit has been happening here, which is not really true. Electric utility Latvenergo is wiring a couple of apartment buildings and a mixed housing project in Riga with fiber-to-the-home. Plus, it will offer a kind of triple-play with a choice of cable TV providers, so people moving in will click whether they want IPTV from say, Baltkom TV, IZZI, or someone else. The internet speeds will be in the 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps range, with a premium 100 Mbps for whatever you can do with 100 Mbps. Fiber to the homes is still something pretty radical even in Western Europe, so go for Latvia, go for it.
As to going, I am flying down with some Latvian journalists to 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday and hope to do a little blogging from there. Although I work for a business newspaper and only the digerati know of this blog, I have been getting e-mails from every maker of widgets and gadgettrons and quantum network googleizers. Right up the alley of a general purpose newspaper whose reader is a Latvian Jed Clampett. So this is a very specialized event, besides having every mobile honcho in the world there. Should be interesting...

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