Friday, August 25, 2006

BT Click and Buy – fuck yeah!!!

This is to warn that the allegedly secure payment site BT Click and Buy is being used by fraudsters. I am now in the process of cancelling a Visa Gold card that has been used to make purchases for an amount close to LVL 200, most of it for amounts of 40 GBP each. I have used this card, in person, to make exactly one purchase in Britain in March or April, either coming or going to the US. Other than that, I have made few purchases with this card, aside from tanking up my Skype account for EUR 10 or so. And Visa Gold is supposed to be a "safe" card??? It will be interesting to know how this happened, maybe one of those card data base leaks?

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kaasis said...

How do you gonna cancel that? Does it would be right just to cancel direct debit cause I know that some companies are chasing you if you don't let them know first?
PS. I have selected to pay for songs downloaded from iTunes over BT Click and Buy.