Tuesday, August 29, 2006

YouTube - F**KED?

I was going to do another videoblog and had some nice material off the Nokia N-80 of Eriks Eglitis, the IT honcho of the Latvian Postal Service talking (in English) about the new e-signature. One mistake I made was to shoot the video with the phone upright with the result that the image is sideways. I found a way in Quicktime Pro to to rotate it, saved it and tried an upload to YouTube (where I usually put the video components of this blog). On the first attempt, it looked like despite the rotation and save, the image was still sideways. So I deleted and have been trying several times to upload it again (now from a fast link here at work). But YouTube is totally unresponsive, the activity monitor on my Powerbook G4 shows no upload even though the website says it is uploading. I wonder if this is affecting any other Latvian bloggers or bloggers using YouTube as their video repository generally. I notice that the rather strange and colorful crowd on blogiem.lv, the site being developed by Latvian IT specialist Kristaps Kaupe, sometimes use links to YouTube.

If I am using the f-word too much, well, it is a coincidence. First some fraudsters seem to have f**ked with my creditcard, now YouTube is f**ked (as far as I am concerned). It is, as Clint Eastwood said in the movie Heartbreak Ridge - a clusterfuck.


Janis said...

LMT webpage says that they launched HSDPA today. Would be interesting to hear some feedbacks how it works!

Juris Kaža said...

You are right. They jumped ahead of Bite. I'll comment later. These are busy times. I have to move back from Carnikava to town, plus school starts (my 11 year old) plus other stuff).

Helmuts said...

not sure, but the problem with Youtube was due to high traffic via announcement somewhere that it's the biggest video site and it's now in top 10 (or 50?) trafficed sites ;)