Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Latvian race for user-generated mobile content?

Just a short note before I fly off to the States: Amigo, the virtual operator using Latvian Mobite Telephone's (LMT) network, has launched a feature that pays users for their multimedia content (MMS images, video, ringtones, etc.) Payment is up to LVL 0.20 per item downloaded (presumably as Amigo pre-paid credit for use when calling). Launched amid some fanfare, the Amigo service pays more than a similar user-generated deal on Bite (which pays only up to LVL 0.04 per download). Apparently, both services believe that a critical mass of multimedia capable phones has appeared among Latvia's nearly 2 million mobile phone users (including large numbers of pre-paids). The Bite offer has not been widely publicized.

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Hello, Juris!
Can you help me - I try to analyse Latvian telecom market and I cant find information about number of subscribers and ARPU for Bite Latvija, Tele2 and LMT. There is no fresh information. Can you help me with this information? Many many thanks!
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