Thursday, February 21, 2008

Latvian Mobile Telephone to sell DVB-H capable phones

Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT), will announce next week that it is offering "digital broadcast television"  to its customers. After launching mobile TV streaming (over the GSM/UMTS network) a couple of years ago, the planned announcement on February 25 can only mean that LMT will start selling and supporting DVB-H capable handsets and broadcasting DVB-H over its network (and/ or through the Latvian  national television broadcast system via the Latvian State Radio and Television Center/LVRTC ?).
The key to it, as I see it, is to put DVB-H capable handsets (LG, Nokia and others have a few) into the hands of customers/subscriber and create a viewer base for this service. The service also has to be reasonably priced. Pricing of streamed mobile TV at the outset was close to what it would cost to see the same movie at a cinema on a far bigger screen. 


Anonymous said...

DVB-H basically is a broadcast service and standard doesn't require a mobile operator at all. However, as we are talking about business, obviously mobile operators with dealer network and current subscriber pool is the easiest way to launch sevice commercially. LVRTC provides technical transmitting infrastructure, LMT - content, conditional access and billing. Such a cooperation is reasonable, as DVB-H and DVB-T are broadcast in UHF band and cover rather large territory (so mobile network base stations are not necessary, just a couple of towers high enough :) )

Juris Kaža said...

Thanks. I later clarified the technology myself and explain it better on my Latvian-language blog (in case you read Latvian).