Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pat Russo's keynote, other stuff from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Forum 2008

First some tidbits of local news from the Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Forum 2008 where I just spent a couple of days (strangely springlike Paris, daffodils blooming!). The interesting rumor is that TeliaSonera may be among a number of Nordic mobile operators looking at Alcatel Lucent's OmniAccess 3500 Laptop Guardian, which has now been launched in a European version (it operates on GSM/UMTS networks).
The idea of the gadget is that it remotely updates, monitors and protects corporate laptops, even if they are turned off. If stolen, the laptop can be encrypted rendering any confidential data useless to thieves. The Laptop Guardian is also a 3G/HSPDA modem. The gadgets can be installed and managed by a large corporation's IT department or sold as a service by mobile operators, opening it to a broader range of users.
However, that is not the story for me-- if TeliaSonera is testing this as a service (one way it can be used by small and medium businesses) it is also in the pipeline for all of the TeliaSonera owned Baltic operators, including Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT). This would be a nice complement to its iBirojs (iOffice) HSDPA service. It would also allow TeliaSonera to deploy and support the service regionally.

Not to deceive with the headline, I also include my video excerpt (sorry about the occasional camera drift) of Alcatel Lucent CEO Pat Russo's keynote at the Enterprise Forum:

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Anonymous said...

FYI - A video found on dailymotion about Alcatel-Lucent's annual shareholder meeting in Paris on June 4, 2007. The author states that it was probably the only video camera present inside the building (camera are normally not allowed). It shows dozens of hard-left labor unions activists forcing Alcatel-Lucent Chairman Serge Tchuruk to suspend his opening speech (He was about to say "We are currently experiencing a few difficulties, but our future is [bright]…"). After a while, Mr. Tchuruk paused and asked them to make a statement. One protester stepped up to criticize management after the merger that created Alcatel-Lucent, the planned massive restructuring (16 thousands of job cuts) and the pay and severance packages of Mr. Tchuruk and Chief Executive Patricia Russo (ex. 5.765 million euros "golden parachute" granted to Mr Thuruk). It shows the french Police Force, at least thirty officers, in riot gear. Amazing. This video has never been shown on the french TV.