Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yahoo Go! or getting the pong to my ping :)

Strangely, I have actually made practical use of the mobile application Yahoo Go!. I used it, just for fun, to check e-mail and look at news (have to fine tune that part) while in Paris at the  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Forum. It looks very neat and is simple to use. 
Then on Friday I had started a bit of e-mail ping pong with a former colleague from my workplace to meet for a short drink (I also had to pick up some tickets to see a film with my son and drop my rather heavy road warrior backpack at my apartment). So I suggested a choice of places (my ping), place confirmed (the ex-colleague's pong) and a time (my ping again :) )  ... and then it was either go from the office (with e-mail on my PC)  or miss the proposed time. After getting my movie tickets, I clicked on Yahoo Go! on my phone in the street and saw that the time had been confirmed in a return mail. So I owe a mojito and an interesting chat to this little mobile app.  One writes about them, but this was the first practical use :)

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