Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blackberry comes to Latvia

Bite Latvia, the mobile operator, has started offering a Blackberry package. The madness has arrived in Latvia, with the businessperson's electronic body part selling for around LVL 199 (or less with various plans) and the service available starting at LVL 20 per month.

Fred Hrenchuk, CEO of Bite Latvia, tells more in this video:


RigaRooster said...


My client is visiting Latvia for 4 months with their Blackberry.

How do they get connected?

Will it receive a signal all over Latvia?

With the Bite network, the signal outside Riga may be limited? Is it possible to use my Blackberry with the LMT network to read emails from something like Yahoo or Google?

Do you have contact names at Bite and LMT that communicate in English?

Is there a consultant that will charge a fee to assit with my clientš setup?

Appreciate your response.

Twitter id = rigarooster

Juris Kaža said...

I forwarded your remarks to Natalija Rodionova, the English/Latvian/Russian speaking press and marketing lady for Bite.

I think you can roam with a foreign Blackberry on Bite.
You should check the data charges, though.
Yahoo Mail can be read with Yahoo Go installed on most mobiles.

Natalja said...

Hi! This lady is me:-)

Your client can do 2 things:
- use his connection and use BITE for roaming.
- make agreement with BITE and use BITE simcard and number in Latvia.

In Latvia BITE is the only network to support BlackBerry services.

BITE has strongly developed its network. There are no problems with coverage outside Riga.

For consultation I would advise you contact our outlet on Brivibas 62 or you can call our office 25850600 and ask to connect with an account manager, who could also help.

Wish you all the best,


RigaRooster said...


Ladies and gentlemen...

Thanks for the very fast response and the detailed reply.

I have forwarded the BLOG link to my client.

Best Regards, Head Rooster of Riga

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I currently use Blackberry in Canada. I would recomend this product to evryone. I receive e-mails beofre they get to my outlook exchange.
Blackberry offers messenger PIN to PIN which is very handy and cost effective.

Any questions pls let me know.

Raitis said...

Research In Motion - Blackberry, a great Canadian product that knocks the socks off the American rival, Apple iPhone.

InsekC said...

When RIM and BITE will add LATVIAN language input for BlackBerry?

RIM says: Go to your lacal dealer (BITE)!


Karina said...

BB using in Latvia is very expensive! We need to pay monthly about 20 LVL and if u r over your limit for this price u have to pay extra money. I hope other network operators will offer this options cheaper soon. As soon they will do it, as cheaper this option will be.