Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extra government meeting may decide on Lattelecom

The on-again, out-again, in-again Finnegan* of the never-ending Lattelecom privatization/nationalization/let's donate it to the Martians -- the Latvian government, is holding an extraordinary meeting on Friday, March 28 to discuss this issue. To decide? DFHYB**.
Anyway, the PM, Ivars Godmanis, is heading to Stockholm March 31, probably to tell TeliaSonera about whatever new wackbat*** alternative the government has cooked up this week. But hey, by March 31, it will be a) a new week b) the eve of April Fool's day.
The un(?)fortunate thing is, I will be in Stockholm March 28, but heading back to Riga on March 29. I could try buying a one-way Ryanair and staying the weekend for Godmanis' press conference scheduled for the Latvian Embassy on March 31, but then I would have to fly back on April 1, only to fly on to the US at an ungodly hour on April 2 (going to an IBM event in Las Vegas via Boston). So that will not work :(.

*from some doggerel about James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.
** Don't Fuckin' Hold Your Breath
*** combining wacko and batshit, two words for something deranged :)

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