Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yahoo mail down, Ryanair bullshit

My Yahoo! mail isn't responding when I need it to. At the moment, it is f**ked even without being owned by Microsoft. OK, this is a rare event, but at the this time, I need it, because just went through another online clusterf**k of a site, the travel insurance hustlers known as Ryanair. This website, designed for the semiliterate and mentally challenged, has a multitude of options to check or pull down, almost all of them in order not to pay some outrageous fee for having your bag checked or to confirm that you have read all the small print on each of multiple pages. And the most persistent one of all is the constant badgering about travel insurance. I happen to have a private travel insurance policy, since I have been traveling a lot on business and privately. I DO NOT F**KING NEED ANY MORE!!
But there is no way I can make the website remember this. And all the way to paying by card, the travel insurance popups keep coming. I think the business model for Ryanair is to give almost free flights (my round trip to Stockholm is for LVL 14, I am not knocking that) and make money on travel insurance and little plastic bags of booze. I am surprised that didn't send me (I had to give them my mobile phone number) an SMS saying "Do you really, really, absolutely finally not want travel insurance".  Well,  FUCK NO!!  Do you understand?
Oh yes, then on my Safari browser another popup appears saying it doesn't trust the certificate on the Ryanair site. So I click  for a look, and this huge banner rolls down with all kinds of info how this is a Verisign certificate signed by God in septuplicate for each day of creation and belongs to Ryanair etc, etc.  Trouble is, there is no way to scroll down and click OK, the fucker doesn't scroll and I can't scroll the larger window so I end up force quitting the whole thing and waiting nervously for my Ryanair e-ticket to arrive by e-mail. It does and Yahoo! classifies it as spam, but when I try to move it to my regular inbox to print later, Yahoo screws up. A wonderful middle of the night (waiting for our son and my mother-in-law, who we sent to Tenerife, to get back on some red-eye delayed charter).


Bleveland said...

The RyanAir additional fees and zoo scenes before boarding (I have seen people fighting for a seat) made me change to Airbaltic. Eventually just to find out that they were sh*t as well. Nevertheless they were acceptable during summer last year when I was a commuter working in Sweden and living in Latvia. It actually didn't cost me more than RyanAir if counted the time lost on the trip from middle-off-nowhere Skavsta Airport to Kista compared to arriving at Arlanda.

How Airbaltic does fuck up imho? Well they more and more do as RyanAir does: adding fees that by default are on the bill and they will remain there unless you actively remove them before purchase. Some you simply cannot dismiss (checked in bags etc.) so here you are trapped. Just as an extra service for us, the idiots that cannot decide for themselves. Also I am sure it is just a matter of time, but so far less a zoo when boarding (seat number on your boarding card) which gives them the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned.

Now when I am in a sh*t-talk mood anyway; another BIG drawback with Airbaltic is that they seem to have some kind of a dispute with Riga Airport which results in way too few check in desks. I was told by an Airbaltic employee that this was the reason, but was unable to verify it. Regardless who is guilty for it; have you ever been there on a Monday morning with your flight departing around 7:00? Cues for economy check in are enormously while more than half of the desks are idle. Apart from the four desks for business class passengers (who does that apart from a few Russian oligarchs)? I have been standing in that cue for over an hour and I did at 2 occasions just catch my flight while I was at the airport more than 90 minutes ahead of departure. It needs to be mentioned that of the 14 times I was on that flight, 11 times it was delayed with more than 20 minutes (record was 1 hr 10 min). 2 times they fucked up my luggage, so the scores are not very good.

OK, this became a bit of an off-topic. Anyway it is about communication but, needless to mention, not about telecommunication.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo has been acting up like this the passed few days. It is the 15th of April and it is down for me to. I can get to the login screen but if I try to log in it just times out.

kc said...

I think cussing and acting like complete uneducated people will get it running again!