Monday, June 27, 2005

Bite restructures

Bite, the new mobile operator coming to Latvia, has restructured, renaming its two units Bite Latvija(formerly Bite Mobile) and Bite Lietuva (Lithuania, formerly Bite GSM). It appears something called the Bite Group will run both operations as a single, bi-national entity. At the same time, the paid-in capital of Bite Latvija was raised to LVL 1,602, 0000 from the LVL 2000 minimum needed to start a Latvian company. The whole Bite thing is owned by Denmark's TDC telecommunications group.
I've already written about the possible obstacles Bite faces with getting national roaming in Latvia, something it considers a necessity. I'm now going out on a limb and forecasting that Bite may get its way with Tele2. That is, Tele2, offered a sufficiently attractive deal for minutes or capacity, may give in first and let Bite roam. Such a move will spite Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT) and will get Tele2 some guaranteed revenues with no marketing costs involved. Tele2 has never been as categorical as LMT about saying they will not sell any capacity to Bite. Watch this space. Some wacko predictions have come true.
And to test the new blogger photo function, here is me, in the newsroom of an unnamed business daily. Shot with one of the Nokia 6680 (test model from LMT) cameras.

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