Friday, June 10, 2005

The knives come out for fuckwit reasons

I write this blog because not everything I consider worth saying can be published in a certain newspaper. One reason is, we print news and not rumor, musings and personal speculation. The other reason is there are some things that pass over the flight path of those putting the paper together. That's fine with me -- the eagles don't bother the geese and the geese don't hit the eagles.
Until today. I get a stern talk about doing allegedly bad work and being too friendly to Lattelekom, hereafter THE GREAT SATAN. All of this applies to the merry month of May. I was on vacation one week and did a total of 25 newspaper pieces, 28 % of which were exclusive, though not by any means in the OH MY GOD run screaming through the street stampeding pets and cattle category. But they were pieces that nobody else had, including the first vague but interesting disclosures of what Bite GSM intended to do, also reflected here. Plus, if anybody noticed, after the auction, just about fuck all was happening in the sector. Only 8 % of these news items concerned THE GREAT SATAN. The one about THE GREAT SATAN cooperating with Germany's T-Systeme included some third party commentary plus reference to the fact that THE GREAT SATAN was not moving ahead in its cooperation with Exigen along sort of similar lines. Not, to my mind, slanted or abominable journalism, but something I probably did get because in my own mind, I think I have been fair toward THE GREAT SATAN so they were willing to exclusively tell me the story.

I did, in fact, offer to do a hatchet job on
THE GREAT SATAN to one of the editors who scolded me for not calling THE GREAT SATAN a evil motherfucker of a slime drooling GREAT SATAN. It had to do with a wacko survey of alleged marketing experts who said 60 % of the business customers of THE GREAT SATAN would bolt as soon as number portability was introduced. And the day after that, sugar-coated doves will fly out from under the robes of the new Pope...

These claims were told by a respectable source, so hey, he said it, we write it. It would not be the first and hardly the last fuckwit opinion to be passed along in a certain paper and other media. I mean, they say it, we print it.

At the end of the day, however, the wacko piece was killed after discussing it with another editor. So it wasn't me glossing over the terrible fate that awaits

But this shit has gone too far(there is an economic side to it) , and if anyone knows of, shall we put it discreetly, other opportunities for a hack of my twisted talents, any tips are appreciated. No money to be made from these fuckin' ravings, but certainly it keeps life fun.


Anonymous said...

Whad does "fuckwit" mean?

Juris Kaža said...

Here are some internet dictionary definitions of fuckwit. I meant it to be completely irrational, stupid, uninformed, etc.

1. fuckwit
A person who cannot grasp the normallity of life
what a fuckwit
Literally, one whose wit (intelligence) is fucked. Generally used as a term of abuse.
Someone who despite constant failure, is unable to learn from these transgressions. Continues to do foolish and irritating things, which aggravate many people. They are not only a halfwit, but also significantly fucked in the head. Hence the term fuckwit.