Monday, June 13, 2005

The straight dope on the Great Satan

Just to make sure everyone understands: Lattelekom is not the Great Satan. I have called it the Great Satan to illustrate some fundamentally irrational perceptions of Lattelekom at a certain newspaper and elsewhere. I also think the whole Great Satan thing is cool, retro-early 80s Iranian jargon (when the US was, and still is, the Great Satan). It brings up images of exotic mobs chanting for the downfall of the Great Satan (there were actually some demonstrations against Lattelekom in the late 90s :)). The last time the Great Satan raised its head was during the parliamentary debate on the settlement agreement with TeliaSonera, which I suppose was the Greater Satan, or the Satanic Half-Mother (rings a bell with the Latvian expression velna mate, meaning the devil's mother or your mother-in-law) or whatever.
I will try to refrain from mixing the malevolent weirdness at my real workplace with this blog, though, if anybody knows of any opportunities, you know where to write. Telecoms newsletters, newspapers, hello...?

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