Thursday, September 22, 2005

The «balagāns» ends

That's a kind of Latvian expression for a big circus, with 35 000 attendees. Larry Ellisson spoke, nothing spectacular, security and business intelligence to be the focus of Oracle and the industry over the next couple of years. Oracle itself is bending over backwards to be standards compliant and open and let the customer choose, mix and match. At the same time it is developing and pushing its Fusion Middleware and Project Fusion, a new set of applications based on the same. The idea is that with better business process modeling and business intelligence built into the middleware, the apps will work a lot better. We shall see. Except for a few big companies and international subsidiaries, nobody in Latvia is wired enough for any of this to mean very much. Unfortunately, computers in Latvian companies are often an accessory for a long-legged and blonde secretary who sometimes even uses the thing (for e-mail between surfing). These companies will be road-kill for the business intelligence savy, wired, totally aware and focussed enterprises who will eat their lunch, flatten them like road kill and move on before anyone can take a breath. Sad but true.
I am offline for a while, traveling to Boston on the US East Coast. Will then move on to Sweden and back to Latvia on October 3.

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konrads said...

All this software is only worth when it has meaningful data to chew on, good luck MBAs in collecting it :-p