Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wacko launch for Bite

Bite Latvija has decided to launch a pre-paid service called, of all things, Toxic (they had some kind of teaser on a few internet sites like Delfi). Perhaps Latvians don't understand enough English, but I sort of find the name, er, on the repulsive side. Like, toxic waste. But perhaps one is going after the target audience who goes for this sort of stuff. The price -- calls for LVL 0.05 per minute, SMS for LVL 0.01. That's just based on second hand information, I am still in Brussels at this whatever it is. Political communities on the web, monkey colonies on Guam, later e-government (e-mailing the local government in Goatf••k, LV only to have the clerk go by foot to the attic and dig through old paper files so I get an e-mail back in 48 hours and hey, I've been e-governed). Not that this isn't interesting, just I would rather have been in LV for some read hard telecoms related stories.
Saturday, I am off to San Francisco for Oracle World. Oracle is busier eating than working. Just saw something on the web about them buying Siebel (another CRM company, I think, no time, just a short lunch break with no lunch within range inside this Eurostalinist building, an appendage to the Europarliament, so no time to check up on this). Must read the Always On blogs with Shai Agassi, SAP has been working while the Oracle bulged with People Soft, now this...
Will try to keep everyone posted from SF to the extent possible.

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