Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well, I got my e-ticket to Brussels on try number six or seven, using the Wintel machine here at work. I actually got it for LVL 20 cheaper than when the motherf**ker failed on me the first few times. So that ended well.
However, the point is that an airline website isn't something most people use on a daily basis, probably once every few weeks or months depending on one's job and lifestyle. So the reputation and credibility of the site depend on those few contacts, and you expect the experience to be as smooth as with the sites one uses daily (which, I must say, fail very, very rarely - I am talking about a whole range,,,, my Yahoo mail etc.). When a website you rarely use fails on the one mission critical time you do use it, well, I think it is fully justified to call it a FUCKED website and the same goes for SIBA in Sweden. Once in a couple of years, I needed a laptop delivered so that one of my sons (18) could bring it to Latvia, and the squarehead wankers* fail to get their act together. That has never happened to me with, say and books and DVDs. So learn, SIBA!

*A charming British expression for those who spend most of their time masturbating or engaged in similar activties with themselves or the remnants of their minds.

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Atis said...

I had such problems with and several times. The best is when after 2 months waiting they write that they are sorry, but items I ordered can not be delivered, although it was written that they will send everything in 2-3 days time.

At least they gave me gift certificates when I complained about delays.