Thursday, September 01, 2005

A couple of SERIOUSLY FUCKED e-commerce sites

At the top of the list is the shitvalue air Baltic website or .com, which has never worked on Macs, but now refuses to let me buy a ticket to Brussels for LVL 200. This seriously fucked site has aborted my attempts to reserve this ticket at least four times. I have to go to Brussels and there are no alternatives (except to go to the air Baltic office). BTW, I was using a Wintel computer and got all the way to entering my debit card info when this mutant excuse for an e-airline reservation site simply fucked off. If you want anyone to use this and save your agents the trouble and us customers the money (I guess it costs more to ticket at the office), get your site to work, for fuck's sake.
While on the topic of totally ratshit e-stores, we might as well mention, the web outlet for the SIBA chain of computer and electronics stores. These squarehead (that is an obscure, mildly racist term for Swedes) fuckwits were advertising an Acer laptop computer which I desperately needed and ordered as being in stock at the internet warehouse. It had to be delivered -- well, simply delivered as their website promised (mind you, I am fluent in Swedish and know what 2 till 7 dagar means) so it could be brought to Latvia on August 31. I ordered it on the 22nd. It turns out the fuckers didn't have it in stock and as far as it when it would have been delivered, det vet fan as the Swedes would say. Needless to say, other arrangements had to be hastily made at somewhat greater cost. SIBA sucks to the max!


Anonymous said...

yes, my father also complained about airbaltic e-ticketservice. Something f*cked up, and he couldnt make a payment online.

Kristaps Kaupe said... have problems not only with Macs. It does not work normally with Opera under GNU/Linux too. (As well as many other .lv sites, like,,, etc...)
They just sometimes "hang up", and opens page after clicking on link 10-20 times.

Juris Kaža said...

Glad to see you back on after activist adventures :). We'll stick to discussing IT and telecoms issues, where we can fruitfully share viewpoints.
When will your website be back?

dynamit said...

i like your blogs overall, but you really need to watch your language. I do not believe that using f**k word so often adds to your credibility.

krisis said...

hmm, a month ago i successfully ordered a ticket from aibaltic using safari browser and mac. i dont know why but with visa card it didn't work but with visa electron everything was ok.

David said...

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