Monday, January 23, 2006

Jesper goes Swiss, Dutchman to fly in

Jesper Thiell Eriksen, the head of Bite Group and a trusted but sometimes unshakeable source for this blogger/journalist, has been reassigned by his parent company TDC to head TDC Switzerland. He will be replaced by Maarten van Engeland, a Dutchman who comes from an executive vice-presidency at TDC Solutions, a part of TDC's fixed line operations.
As far as I can determine, there is nothing particular behind these fast and unexpected changes, it is simply TDC's style to move their managers around like they were airborne Rangers, in, do the mission and out before anyone realized what was happening. Meanwhile the private equity consortium that formed Nordic Telephone Company (NTC) has announced it has just over 88 % of the shares in TDC and will give precise figures on January 25. We may then also learn more about what they intend to do with their new asset.

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