Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vlogging on Google Video is a disaster

It now seems that it takes more than 24 hours for Google Video to "verify" that a less than two minute video of my "talking head" (in English, not Latvian) is not offensive or pornographic. Since blogging is a form of news reporting, this is unacceptable. I will look for some other hosting solution, though it doesn't look promising. There is some tutorial on how to put video on hosted blogs, but I tried that and ended up in a loop -- to put the video on some public archive, I had to log into some other site, which then asked that I be authorized on the first site-- you get the picture.
I am thinking of doing 30 seconds of video simply chanting "Google, maukas!" :) :) so their verifiers can determine that I am saying how tasty they are in Finnish. Latvians may find this both funny and offensive, but tell me, who hasn't brought one of those cartons of flat bread back to the office from Helsinki?
For the non-Latvian speaking:

maukas = cheap whores (Latvian)
maukas = delicious (Finnish, also a brand of flat bread with a big logo MAUKAS covering the whole carton :) :) )


banton said...

To be specific, "maukas" in Finnish means "tasty", where "herkullinen" would be "delicious".

Of course, the pseudo-finnish-latvian sentence "maukas maukas" works every time ;)

Anonymous said...

did not now we had a special word for expensive whores. whore is a whore.

Juris Kaža said...

kurtezānes (courtesans), I believe, is the word for "expensive" whores :), but I am no Latvian philologist.