Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Master Telecom to become a postpaid operator

Master Telecom, hitherto an "alternative" fixed network voice services provider, intends to become a mobile operator offering postpaid GSM services. It will invest considerably in infrastructure short of its own base stations (switches, billing and customer service systems will be owned and operated by Master Telecom). The network capacity is being negotiated with an undisclosed operator. Bite Latvija, mentioned in some press reports, has denied that there have been any talks. However, it is a common practice for all operators involved in such negotiations to agree to confidentiality.
Master Telecom intends, starting in February or March, to become the first operator in Latvia to offer both mobile and "true" fixed line services. Triatel already offers "telecoms in a box" based on its wireless cdma 450 solution which offers mobile phones, fixed wireless desktop phones, and EVO standard high speed wireless internet modems.
Your blogger learned about Master Telecoms plans in an extensive background briefing by Master Telecom's top management.
There may be some interesting developments with Master Telecom in a distant, large country by the summer. Master Telecom is the company mentioned in my somewhat ironic earlier post on a possible cdma operator. They didn't get the 800 Mhz frequencies they applied for, and they are still rather secretive (as far as publishing, because of ongoing finalization of certainb agreements) about their detailed plans. These will be revealed at the end of January. So place your guesses and bets, but if its on the Latvian honey-maker that sounds in English like what dogs do, the odds aren't there for a big win. Read between the lines...

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