Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blowback at last

Latvian blogger Kristaps Kaupe notes that the Latvian-language IT-related website and quasi-blog Datuve has translated and summarized my earlier post on 10 gigs across the Baltic. Finally, some blowback, which is not really the right word. Blowback is spook (read spy or intelligence agency) terminology for disinformation planted in the foreign press that somehow comes back into the mainstream media of the disinforming country :). It is like the CIA plants a story in the Moldovan press that an enemy of the US, Sheik Yerbooty of Wazoonistan gets it on with his sheep. That is meant to make Moldovans, who are looking for an alternative oil supply to, say, Russia, will avoid Wazoonistan because they are sensitive about human/sheep affection and actually believe that kind of weird shit. But there is, say, a Moldovan American stringer for the National Enquirer* who files a story saying that press reports claim Sheik Yerbooty does lambs (sheep pedofilia) and the New York Times at least notes that preposterous claims are circulating about someone already in disfavor with Washington, so blowback does have its benefits.
*a newspaper sold in lower-scale supermarkets with headlines like "Two-Headed Alien Crocodile Eats Baby Siamese Twins" and the like.
Anyway, I have discovered and tested the linking tool in Blogger that Kristaps Kaupe recently said he was surprised I wasn't using (well, not linking is what he meant).

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annelies said...

Hello Juris,

I have some questions with regard to the Latvian telecom market. Could I be in touch with you via phone or e-mail? Please let me know, you can contact me at ajutte@somera.com